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In order to realize our long-term vision and accomplish our business and socially responsible goals, we are looking for partnerships with entities that share our enthusiasm for the continued growth of youth basketball in France. Based on recent success of European players like Luka Doncic or Giannis Antetokounmpo, we firmly believe that the future is very bright and that this is the right time to invest in building the infrastructure and widening of the scouting network. Together, we could be a part of a very special story that includes the next European-born player bound to become an NBA megastar.

If you feel that the interests of your company are aligned with our vision of the future, want to explore the ways to promote your brand to the younger demographic, or would just like to know more about our plans, we will be happy to share more about our philosophy and activities with you. We are open for unorthodox ideas and creative suggestions, so we look forward to each opportunity to establish new working relationships that advance our ultimate mission.

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Let us know about you plans and objectives, and perhaps we can find common grounds for an alliance.

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