About Us

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Allow us to present Cohesion 360, a professional sports event organization and recruitment company with a strong focus on basketball. Our company was founded with the idea to assist young athletes from France and the rest of Europe to reach their full potentials and fulfill their dreams of playing professionally at the highest level. We are already actively involved with sports clubs and university teams across Europe, and are working to implement NBA programs on the continent.

Cohesion 360 is run by athletes for athletes. The founder duo in Jonathan McClark and Darnell Williams has a shared love for the game of basketball, as demonstrated by our combined 45 years of experience in the sport – 35 of which were spent playing against top European competition and chasing (successfully) some of the most prestigious trophies. Because of this, we understand what it takes to reach the top in this demanding sport and are eager to transfer this experience to the new generation. The accumulated expertise is perhaps most apparent in our scouting and recruiting activities, as we are consistently able to identify the most talented players in younger categories and funnel them to camps and programs where they can improve their skills quickly and gain mainstream recognition.


years of experience in the sport


years playing against top European competition


Meet Jonathan and Darnell. The two founders of Cohesion 360, former professional basketball players and sources of our vision.